Slothsoft Schema: Farah Module Manifest v1.1 R20200103

This document describes the namespace, conventionally prefixed as sfm.

This namespace defines elements to identify assets in a Farah module.

The following specifications define this namespace:

1.1R20200103Farah Module Manifest v1.1 R20200103sfm-R20200103.xsd
1.0R20181111Farah Module Manifest v1.0 R20181111sfm-R20181111.xsd

Changelog of most recent release:

*** Version 1.1 *** R20200103 - added element <daemon> - added attribute <module version=""> - added elements <document-info>, <fragment-info>, <manifest-info> *** Version 1.0 *** R20181111 - physical assets must have a "name" attribute R20180402 - initial release