Slothsoft Schema: Farah Sitemap v1.1 R20200103

This document describes the namespace, conventionally prefixed as sfs.

This namespace defines elements to describe a sitemap, that is, a rough overview of the individual pages that make up a website.

The following specifications define this namespace:

1.1R20200103Farah Sitemap v1.1 R20200103sfs-R20200103.xsd
1.0R20200103Farah Sitemap v1.0 R20200103sfs-R20200103.xsd

Changelog of most recent release:

*** Version 1.1 *** R20200103 - added element <file> - removed element <sitemap> - added attribute <domain version=""> *** Version 1.0 *** R20200103 - updated referenced schema locations R20180402 - initial release R20180405 - added runtime-only attributes uri and url to <domain>, <page>