Slothsoft Schema: Savegame Editor Manifest v0.3 R20180908

This document describes the namespace , conventionally prefixed as sse.

This namespace defines elements to describe the contents of game files in terms of which-byte-means-what, in a way that an editor can be automatically built by parsing a manifest file and corresponding game file(s).

The following specifications define this namespace:

0.3R20180908Savegame Editor Manifest v0.3 R20180908sse-R20180908.xsd
0.2R20170907Savegame Editor Manifest v0.2 R20170907sse-R20170907.xsd

Changelog of most recent release:

*** Version 0.2 *** R20170907 - initial release *** Version 0.3 *** R20171126 - removed <savegame.dictionary> - renamed <archive filepath=""> to <archive path=""> - added <instruction> - added types id, name, numberExpression R20180403 - changed <archive type="Raw|AMBR|AM2|JH"> to "xsd:token" (use editor configuration 'archiveBuilders' and 'archiveExtractors' to register archive types) R20180802 - changed <archive type="xsd:token"> to [a-zA-Z0-9] - added <globals> - added xml:base to <savegame.editor>, <globals>, <archive> R20180908 - <group> may have a dictionary-ref - name may include / R20220121 - <savegame.editor> may have a file-hash