Slothsoft Schema: Trial of Two Game Database v0.2 R20200430

This document describes the namespace, conventionally prefixed as std.

This namespace defines elements to describe the game Trial of Two: The Dojo.

The following specifications define this namespace:

0.2R20200430Trial of Two Game Database v0.2 R20200430std-R20200430.xsd
0.1R20200330Trial of Two Game Database v0.1 R20200330std-R20200330.xsd

Changelog of most recent release:

*** Version 0.2 *** R20200430 - add <logMessages>, <logMessage> *** Version 0.1 *** R20200330 - add Session::playerOneName, Session::playerTwoName R20200329 - remove Incident::name - add MoveIncident::move R20200325 - rename normalizedHitPoints to normalizedHP - add <spawnIncident> - add EntityInfo::id R20200324 - initial release